2016 Cymatics Conference Schedule

Cymatics Conference Friday, November 4-Sunday, November 6.


Friday, November 4   2pm to 5 p.m Pre-conference opportunity!

  • EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF SOUND and the ultimate in AntiAging!  Experience the ultimate in AntiAging with the AMI Facial Rejuvenation with sound. Receive the exponential benefit as you are positioned comfortably on a massage table with your feet resting on the AMI 750 advanced sound technology and as a therapist stimulates facial reflex zones according to the ancient art of Chinese Facial Reflexology. $50  Limited availability. Click here to reserve your space
  • Enjoy a relaxing tune-up with Tuning forks. Your 30 minute session will include chakra balancing and will put you in a deep state of relaxation.  Start your weekend off – STRESS-FREE! $25 conference special – Click here to reserve your space


Friday, November 4   7 pm-9:30pm Conference Begins

  • Welcome and Introductions to the latest developments in the field of Cymatics. ISTA is pleased to announce Awards and Recognition for those who have contributed to the field of Cymatics, including the Annual Lois M. Grant Award. See more information on how to submit your project, award criteria and cash prize information click here
  • The FULL Sound Experience –Join us in this interactive, 90-minute journey of the most fun and profound experiences using the Voice, Quartz Crystal and HimalayanSinging bowls, Tuning Forks and more.  Conference attendees will be captivated by the expertise and presentation skills of our SPECIAL GUESTS, Wendy Young, Professor of Music from Princeton University and NYC vocalist composer and sound educator, Stephanie Rooker.  Wendy and Stephanie will guide us through a fun and energizing session as they introduce you to the fundamental principles of how sound works to enhance our physical, emotional and mental health. Take home “easy to incorporate” exercises that will change your life!
  • ISTA introduces its new Sound Practitioner Certification training!


Saturday, November 5, 9am-12:30pm

  • Sophia Argyris, MD introduces us to the emerging field of ArchaeoAcoustics. Her captivating visual and audio tour will take us to many power spots throughout the world. Don’t miss this sonic feast as we journey through the nature’s acoustic caves and cathedrals.
  • Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. —Back by popular demand! Ever since the 2008 Cymatics Conference attendees ask each year, “When will Dr. Gilbert be back?”  Here is your chance to hear this internationally acclaimed teacher and researcher of vibrational tools and fields.

Vibrational Healing Research with Sound:
Subtle Energy Effects on Living Beings and Materials

Saturday, November 5 12:30pm – 2pm Lunch is provided

Saturday, November 5  2pm-6pm

  •  Sound Practitioners present their success.

Top sound therapy practitioners who have been in the field and achieving results using sound therapy with patients who have been diagnosed with various healthcare challenges. Hear how they have applied various forms of sound therapy to achieve recovery and optimum health.

Practitioners Present their research studies

  • Peggy Hays
  • Kate Holland
  • Annette Auger


Have you always wanted to play the harp but too intimidated to try?  Join us in this beginners “Harp Boot Camp” with hands-on harp training. Discover harp therapy and harp enrichment for animals and people from one of the leading Harp teachers and a true pioneer in the world of harp acoustics!  We’ll have the basics down to do a song … and a harp concert! Absolutely NO musical experience necessary. Learn the harp today and play for the rest of your life! Harps will be provided for all who register prior to October 15. 

 Stay tuned for future ISTA events featuring ISTA Angels playing the harp!

Saturday, November 5  7pm-9pm Martinis & Meditation

Saturday evening special fun and Interactive research with ISTA’s President, Don Simmons!

7pm-8pm Meditation can be used for so many things in life. In a recent retreat and workshop, Master Meditation teacher Don Simmons perfected, with the help of his students, the act of “Winefulness” as a practice of joyful mindfulness. Now join us taking it a step further with fun research using your drink of choice to enhance the experience of meditation and libation!  Become a Research Associate as we use tuning forks, tibetan bowls and crystal bowls to experiment with how Sound enhances taste. Will your martini, glass of wine or water taste better after applying a tuning fork? Preliminary studies have concluded it does – but more research is certainly necessary!

Hor d’oeuvres are included in your ticket.  Cash bar for your drink of choice.

  • 8pm-9pm   Don Simmons
    We know how sound deepens what ever experience you are having. Come and enjoy a deep meditation as Meditation Teacher and Sound Therapist Don Simmons guides you through the magical experience of Gongs, Bells and Bowls accompanied by the Angelic Sounds of Harps and the Earthy Sounds of Shamanic Drums. Dive into the Sounds and let your Spirit Soar!

Sunday, November 6, 9am-1pm

  • Using Sound Therapy to Address Today’s Health Concerns

Mandara Cromwell, Founder of ISTA, CEO of Cyma Technologies and Edison Award Nominee explains the underpinnings of Stress, Pain, Inflammation and Lack of Oxygen—the underlying causes of disease and degeneration. Learn how to use Cymatherapy’s “Top 10” protocols for addressing 95% of the health challenges caused by these culprits.   Whether you are interested in using sound for yourself, your family or are already a sound practitioner this 90 minutes will show you how you can make a BIG difference in your health by harnessing the proven power of sound!  www.ISTASounds.org   www.CymaTechnologies.com

  • Phillip Christman
    Understanding yourself through the Vibrations of the Five Elements
    In this 90 minute session, Phillip Christman breaks down the complexities of the Five Elements approach to health into simple basics for everyone to understand. Each participant will have the opportunity to “Take the Quiz” to discover your Five Element Personality.