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Dylan Mariah, RN, LMHC, BS, CYT, Reiki Master



Keynote Speaker: Presentation: Taking the Stress Test

• What is Stress? Should we “manage” it, get rid of it or embrace it?
• Tips and Tools for relieving stress using Mental Strategies, Sound and Breath.
• Living a Low Stress Life; is it possible in today’s fast paced world?


Chris Gibbs, BSc., DCBM


Friday, October 10, 1pm-5pm (Pre-Conference)

Ethics of Sound Therapy and Catastrophic Illness  4 CE’s
Co-Presenter Peggy Hays

  • Learn what can sound do when a catastrophic illness strikes
  • Sharing sound with the Allopathic Community
  • What does it mean? Politically correct language
  • Existing studies using sound therapies
  • Sound–a holistic model

Conference Presentation Saturday afternoon:

Using Sound for Occupational Stress and Injury
In this lecture we will explore:

  • The role of occupational health.
  • Cymatic therapy applications for occupational health services.
  • Specific Cymatic therapy protocols.
  • Research methods that can measure protocol efficacy

Peggy Hays LMT, Medical Massage Therapist



Friday, October 10, 2pm-6pm (Pre-Conference)

Ethics of Sound Therapy and Catastrophic Illness  4 CE’s
Co-Presenter Chris Gibbs

  • Learn what can sound do when a catastrophic illness strikes
  • Sharing sound with the Allopathic Community
  • What does it mean? Politically correct language
  • Existing studies using sound therapies
  • Sound–a holistic model.

Sunday, October 12, 2pm-6pm (Post Conference)

*Level One Cymatherapy Certification   4CE’s

Peggy Hays, LMT, Medical Massage Therapist, Columbus, OH

  • History of using frequencies therapeutically
  • Distinguishing between dissonance and resonance
  • How to create a sound therapy model for relaxation
  • Beginning a successful practice of Cymatherapy



William Meyer, natural scientist and educator


Presentation: Foundation of Subtle Energies

Have you wondered about “how” and “why” various Energy Therapies promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself?  The answers are based on common sense or everyday science, not rocket science.

Sunday, October 12  9am-1pm  (Post conference:)

Demystifying Subtle Energies   4 CE’s

Instructor: Bill Meyer, natural scientist, fascinating presenter and educator

Have you wondered about “how” and “why” various Energy Therapies promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself?  The answers are based on common sense or everyday science, not rocket science.

Expand your understanding and learn how to share the basics of life energy with others with this foundation of subtle energies.

Join Bill Meyer as he shares practical information about both the outer world 3-D energy and inner world subtle energies and how they affect health.

See images showing natural energy patterns often represented in Sacred Geometry and living history and learn how these patterns relate to the therapeutic practices such as Acupuncture, Massage, Homeopathy, Reiki, Sound & Vibrational Therapy, and Therapeutic Touch.

Enhance your knowledge of Energy Tools and how they support the health of our bodies.



Arthur Cataldo, ABD, LMBT, CCP


Presentation: Visual Contrast, Bio-Toxicity, and Sound

Drs Ritchie Shoemaker, a family practice physician; and H. Kenneth Hudnell, Ph.D., an EPA neurotoxicologist, have proposed and researched a theory of biotoxicity as the origin of such autoimmune diseases as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Fibromyalgia.   They use the visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) test to assess levels of neurotoxicity.

In this presentation,  results of detoxification and symptom reduction will be enhanced by sound–Cymatherapy® (faster and/or greater reduction).

  • .

Jan Mariette, CR, author, reflexologist, Educator


Presentation: Reflexology: Simple as 1-2-3
As the reflexologist at Anderson Cancer Institute in Savannah, GA , Jan sees remarkable results for cancer patients who receive a weekly 30 minute reflexology session at the hospital. In this presentation Jan shares a very basic reflexology routine that you could use for yourself, your clients, family or friends.

Monday October 13, 9am – 6pm 8 CE’s Post conference Workshop:

Beauty—Using Sound and the Facial Reflexes for AntiAging
The Basics of Cyma Facial Reflexology and Rejuvenation Certification

The marriage of sound and facial reflexology tune up the organs and improve moods while relieving stress from all body systems.

 Add this technique to your practice right away!  You will have fun combining sound and reflexology as a technique and your clients will love the results! Join us in this fun, hands-on, educational class as we explore various facial manipulations that relax the body while toning and firming the face.  Using Vietnamese face reflexology maps you will be guided in the use of specific finger and hand movements that offer a basic face reflexology and rejuvenation and accompanied with sound technology (the AMI750) in a 30 minute session. There will be a generous amount of time for practicing on fellow participants and for enjoying your turn having them practice on you.  Include this technique the next day in your practice and your clients will love it so much they will schedule standing appointments with you!

Jeri Lavigne

Jeri LaVigne, PhD, Ed.D.


Presentation: Sound and the Brain

Two areas that are negatively affected by stress and other factors, (environmental and biological), are memory and the ability to focus our attention efficiently. This presentation explains how to neutralize those negative influences and strengthen both memory and focus in all areas. By better understanding  how the brain creates and store memories, we can better access stored information. Also, the greater the flow of energy to and from areas of the brain, the better our ability to concentrate and pay attention appropriately. By using Cyma therapy, acupressure and aromatherapy, participants will be able to assist clients in developing better memory skills and greater focused attention.

Assist your client in restoring the pathways of focus, memory and concentration. Learn the pressure points for the brain coupled with the right sound to aid in memory retention and mental clarity.

don simmons

Don Simmons, MT


Presentation: Pioneering the Future

Frequency and Vibration is a constant state of being, but always changing with it’s environment. Don Simmons, president of ISTA  and Visionary Consultant guides a presentation on the Future of the World and how Sound is the driving influence. When you can see the interconnection of all things from a frequency and vibration point of view you can understand how you can direct your own world. Our challenge is determining the direction. Being a Pioneer is never easy but essential to the wellbeing of our planet. Being “Mindful” of the process we can work with Frequency and Vibration of all matter and bring healing of body, mind and spirit to ourself and therefore our Uni-Verse. Come and Pioneer The Future. The world is waiting for you to step up.

Saturday evening: Peace Bowl event choregraphed by Don Simmons. Join the International Sound Therapy Association in creating an atmosphere of sustaining harmony as we bring “Instruments of Peace” into the conscious world. Based upon the Prayer of St. Francis, move beyond the struggle within yourself and become a Divine Reflection of Light as the Power of Sounds ranging from Quartz Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls to Sacred Chants and Divine Oms enchant the evening. Let the harmonics of Healing Sound weave its magic through you and allow your Spirit to be set free in a renewal of Peace.

Mandara Cromwell


Presentation: Healing with Sound: An Overview of the History of Sound Therapy.

In this presentation Mandara gives the audience an overview of the history of sound therapy. From ancient traditions of the Egyptians and Greeks to today”s technology, see, hear and feel the power of sound! ISTA CymaTechnologies.

Danielle Hall

Website:  email:

Presentation: Sales as a Spiritual Practice

Sales and Spiritual in the same sentence? WHAT?! I bet you never thought you would ever hear those words in the same sentence. People are in dire need of your services. PERIOD. It’s time to make peace with marketing and claim your birthright for abundance. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, this presentation will open you up to a whole new way of thinking about sales and marketing your services that is authentic, natural, and inspirational.

Post Conference Sunday, October 12
Translating The Heart of The Healer to a Make Greater Impact
Becoming a prosperous practitioner, therapist, or coach means that you must get clear on who your Ideal Clients are and what your Marketing Message is to really make an impact on others lives and in your bank account. In this lecture, I help you gain the clarity you need to really get to know, where to find, and how to market to your ideal client.

Gigi Altmeyer


 Presentation: Two Are Better Than One:  Synergistic effects of vibrational healing modalities in Integrative Care.

Synopsis:There is increasing public interest in complementary therapies as an adjunct or alternative to conventional medical treatment as well as for general health and well-being. Join me in exploring the use and efficacy of aromatherapy and sound therapy within a holistic practice.

Learning Objective and Outcome:

  • The participant will:
  • Define essential oils, their quality, uses and safety.
  • Explore the science of frequencies of essential oils and sound therapies within a holistic practice.


Lynn Waldrop


Presentation: Calming the Nervous System with Tuning Forks

What if the nervous system was KING? What if you tuned the nervous system like the strings of a violin and the rest of the body functions re-booted and began to move into harmony as well? What if you could start this change with a simple tuning fork? We are going to look at the nervous system in such a different way, a way to tune it so that if you have back and neck problems, a shoulder higher than the other, twisted hips, migraines, TMJ, and even mental fogginess that it all goes away in less than 10 minutes. How does it get any better than that? We will look at a set of tuning forks that open up the cerebral spinal pump and resets the head perpendicular to the body relieving it of many stressors. The procedure is easy and painless and any one can learn to do it. Make Tuning Forks a part of your 21st Century First Aid Kit!

Kate Holland


Weight Loss to the 3rd Power!

  • Take your weight-loss program to a new level of success!
  • Combine massage techniques with sound technology and essential oils for the most powerful weight loss approach.
  • Learn how this powerful  “technique to the 3rd power” can improve your body’s resilience, aiding muscle nutrition, muscle tone and flexibility; meanwhile supporting your mental and emotional well being in achieving your desired weight.

 At the end of this presentation you will be able to locate and stimulate specific acupoints with sound and essential oils to assist:

 Balancing of the sympathetic/parasympathetic

  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Increasing circulation and oxygen and moving nutrients to muscles
  • Breaking down scar tissue and other adhesions caused by previous injuries and surgeries
  • Relaxing  your nervous system

While feeling energetic enough to exercise and making better food choices!


Anandini Das black background

Anandini DasI


Anandini will cook sacred vegetarian food for the conference called prasadam–prepared with prayers, blessings and mantras, In addition, Anandini will provide the Invocation with Sanskrit vibrations to create a powerful atmosphere for learning and experiencing open heart love throughout the conference.  She will lead attendees in “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”, which means :

“I offer my respect to the Source of Pure Love “