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Dylan Mariah, RN, LMHC, BS, CYT, Reiki Master

Dylan Mariah is an Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher who provides Holistic Health Services and Education in Rochester, NY.
In practice since 1983, Dylan’s Natural Healing and Counseling Sessions offer  a unique blend of Sound Healing techniques, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Body Mind Focusing, Processing and Guided Meditation. She has experience as a rehabilitation, general medicine, geriatric and psychiatric nurse, Clinical Coordinator and Staff Educator for Mental and Behavioral Health services and has offered health screenings, workshops and classes for many years.
Dylan’s passion in her  work is to help people make significant and sustainable positive strides towards their goals and to embrace heartful, authentic and spiritual living.

Keynote Speaker: Presentation: Taking the Stress Test

• What is Stress? Should we “manage” it, get rid of it or embrace it?
• Tips and Tools for relieving stress using Mental Strategies, Sound and Breath.
• Living a Low Stress Life; is it possible in today’s fast paced world?


Chris Gibbs, BSc., DCBM

Upon completing a degree in Psychology and Health science in 2001, Chris spent five years undergoing intensive training and working in Cymatics and Cymatherapy at Bretforton Hall Clinic with Dr Peter Guy Manners, who pioneered the development of Cymatic therapy for over thirty five years. Chris now provides integrated health services and works in several University hospitals in Oxford and London, specializing in Cymatic therapy, massage, occupational health and cancer care. He is also in the process of developing International Cymatic therapy training programs and has authored the book ‘Cymatherapy – A practical guide for everyone.’ If you would like more information on his work and publications, please go to:

Friday, October 10, 2pm-6pm (Pre-Conference)

Ethics of Sound Therapy and Catastrophic Illness  4 CE’s
Co-Presenter Peggy Hays

  • Learn what can sound do when a catastrophic illness strikes
  • Sharing sound with the Allopathic Community
  • What does it mean? Politically correct language
  • Existing studies using sound therapies
  • Sound–a holistic model

Conference Presentation Saturday afternoon:

Using Sound for Occupational Stress and Injury
In this lecture we will explore:

  • The role of occupational health.
  • Cymatic therapy applications for occupational health services.
  • Specific Cymatic therapy protocols.
  • Research methods that can measure protocol efficacy

Peggy Hays LMT, Medical Massage Therapist

Peggy Hays is a multifaceted practitioner of the healing arts. She holds State of Ohio licensure in Education, Christian Ministry and Limited Branch Medicine.
Peggy graduated from The Ohio State University and has completed course work in alternative medicine at Harvard Medical School. She studied and subsequently taught remedial reading for Columbus City Schools, tuning fork therapy for SomaEnergetics; healing and prophecy for House of Prayer School of Christian Ministry; reflexology, aromatherapy, and energy medicine for Columbus Academy of Medical Massage; and Reiki 1,2 &3 for Hays Holistic Health.
Additional education includes CranioSacral therapy and Lymph Drainage from The Upledger Institute; graduate level coursework in Silva MindBodyHealing ; and toning under the instruction of Evelyn Keyes and Joy Gardner.
Peggy lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is CEO of Hays Holistic Health where she combines Cymatherapy, aromatherapy, bodywork and Christian counseling to provide healing for body, mind and spirit. Peggy is the developer of Taromatherapy – Healing Scents.

Friday, October 10, 2pm-6pm (Pre-Conference)

Ethics of Sound Therapy and Catastrophic Illness  4 CE’s
Co-Presenter Chris Gibbs

  • Learn what can sound do when a catastrophic illness strikes
  • Sharing sound with the Allopathic Community
  • What does it mean? Politically correct language
  • Existing studies using sound therapies
  • Sound–a holistic model.

Sunday, October 12, 2pm-6pm (Post Conference)

*Level One Cymatherapy Certification   4CE’s

Peggy Hays, LMT, Medical Massage Therapist, Columbus, OH

  • History of using frequencies therapeutically
  • Distinguishing between dissonance and resonance
  • How to create a sound therapy model for relaxation
  • Beginning a successful practice of Cymatherapy



William Meyer, natural scientist and educator

Bill Meyer has been a researcher and practitioner of frequency therapies, subtle energy balancing, and alternative health practices for over 15 years. He is also a director of the private Kinnaman Foundation and leads the alternative health and education project. In Bill’s former professional life he was as a geotechnical engineer and consultant to the mining industry for engineering computer applications. He attended the Colorado School of Mines, interested in geophysics (earth energies) and majoring in mining engineering and subsequently in computer systems and applications.

Presentation: Foundation of Subtle Energies

Have you wondered about “how” and “why” various Energy Therapies promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself?  The answers are based on common sense or everyday science, not rocket science.

Sunday, October 12  9am-1pm  (Post conference:)

Demystifying Subtle Energies   4 CE’s

Instructor: Bill Meyer, natural scientist, fascinating presenter and educator

Have you wondered about “how” and “why” various Energy Therapies promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself?  The answers are based on common sense or everyday science, not rocket science.

Expand your understanding and learn how to share the basics of life energy with others with this foundation of subtle energies.

Join Bill Meyer as he shares practical information about both the outer world 3-D energy and inner world subtle energies and how they affect health.

See images showing natural energy patterns often represented in Sacred Geometry and living history and learn how these patterns relate to the therapeutic practices such as Acupuncture, Massage, Homeopathy, Reiki, Sound & Vibrational Therapy, and Therapeutic Touch.

Enhance your knowledge of Energy Tools and how they support the health of our bodies.

  • .

Jan Mariette, NCR, author, reflexologist, Educator

Jan Mariette is a certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master who owns Reflexology, Inc. in Savannah, GA. She is the reflexologist at Memorial University Medical Center’s Anderson Cancer Institute, as well as a member of their Integrative Health Planning Committee. She enjoys teaching community classes that offer a variety of techniques for stress reduction and sharing her belief that joy and laughter are important components for living an Outrageously Magnificent life and is the soon to be published author of, Reflexology for Family and Friends:Simple as 1-2-3.
Certified in Feet, Hand and Ear Reflexology through the American Academy of Reflexology. Certified in Facial Reflexology through the Instituto de Reflexologia (Sorensensistem)

Presentation: Reflexology: Simple as 1-2-3
As the reflexologist at Anderson Cancer Institute in Savannah, GA , Jan sees remarkable results for cancer patients who receive a weekly 30 minute reflexology session at the hospital. In this presentation Jan shares a very basic reflexology routine that you could use for yourself, your clients, family or friends.

Monday October 13, 9am – 6pm 8 CE’s Post conference Workshop:

Beauty—Using Sound and the Facial Reflexes for AntiAging
The Basics of Cyma Facial Reflexology and Rejuvenation Certification

The marriage of sound and facial reflexology tune up the organs and improve moods while relieving stress from all body systems.

 Add this technique to your practice right away!  You will have fun combining sound and reflexology as a technique and your clients will love the results! Join us in this fun, hands-on, educational class as we explore various facial manipulations that relax the body while toning and firming the face.  Using Vietnamese face reflexology maps you will be guided in the use of specific finger and hand movements that offer a basic face reflexology and rejuvenation and accompanied with sound technology (the AMI750) in a 30 minute session. There will be a generous amount of time for practicing on fellow participants and for enjoying your turn having them practice on you.  Include this technique the next day in your practice and your clients will love it so much they will schedule standing appointments with you!

Jeri Lavigne

Jeri LaVigne, PhD, Ed.D.

Jeri LaVigne, PhD, Ed.D. has been working in the Atlanta area for more than 25 years helping children and adults reach their goals and dreams by teaching them how to better process information. Once people understand how they process or do not process the vital information that they have to take in and understand, Jeri works with them to fill in the gaps and help them acquire that information and process it more fully. Poor communication skills, disagreements and misunderstandings can be a source of anger and distance, while effective communication can be a springboard to stronger relationships and a happier future. Effective communication happens when we understand the six unique patterns of perception. Each one determines how an individual with that pattern absorbs, organizes, remembers and expresses information. Sound and vibration also play important roles in how we communicate. The sound or vibration of our thoughts is amplified in our words and we want to be clear about the energy and vibration we send out to others.

Presentation: Sound and the Brain

Two areas that are negatively affected by stress and other factors, (environmental and biological), are memory and the ability to focus our attention efficiently. This presentation explains how to neutralize those negative influences and strengthen both memory and focus in all areas. By better understanding  how the brain creates and store memories, we can better access stored information. Also, the greater the flow of energy to and from areas of the brain, the better our ability to concentrate and pay attention appropriately. By using Cyma therapy, acupressure and aromatherapy, participants will be able to assist clients in developing better memory skills and greater focused attention.

Assist your client in restoring the pathways of focus, memory and concentration. Learn the pressure points for the brain coupled with the right sound to aid in memory retention and mental clarity.

don simmons

Don Simmons, MT

Don Simmons is a Mystic and Visionary Consultant helping people and businesses find their balance within life. He has been a speaker at Kennesaw State University’s International Conference on Peace and Religion and twice at Emory University’s Global Health and Humanity Summit where he spoke on “Meditation and Sound as a Personal Path to Peace.” He has produced numerous meditation/music CD’s and has performed with Steven Halpern and Jonn Serrie.  As a film producer, he worked on the award winning docu-series “Mystic Lands” for the Discovery Channel and won a Pele Award of Excellence in Hawaii for a series of PSA’s on Crisis Intervention. He created GB2, (Gongs, Bells & Bowls) an outreach program for ISTA; and the Sacred Sound Ministry, a program teaching the power of Sound as a prayerful, healing modality. Having trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh, Don teaches meditation, mindfulness and compassion with the use of Sound as a modality of relaxation, balance and wellness. Don currently serves on the Board and is the President of the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA).

Presentation: Pioneering the Future

Frequency and Vibration is a constant state of being, but always changing with it’s environment. Don Simmons, president of ISTA  and Visionary Consultant guides a presentation on the Future of the World and how Sound is the driving influence. When you can see the interconnection of all things from a frequency and vibration point of view you can understand how you can direct your own world. Our challenge is determining the direction. Being a Pioneer is never easy but essential to the wellbeing of our planet. Being “Mindful” of the process we can work with Frequency and Vibration of all matter and bring healing of body, mind and spirit to ourself and therefore our Uni-Verse. Come and Pioneer The Future. The world is waiting for you to step up.

Saturday evening: Peace Bowl event choregraphed by Don Simmons. Join the International Sound Therapy Association in creating an atmosphere of sustaining harmony as we bring “Instruments of Peace” into the conscious world. Based upon the Prayer of St. Francis, move beyond the struggle within yourself and become a Divine Reflection of Light as the Power of Sounds ranging from Quartz Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls to Sacred Chants and Divine Oms enchant the evening. Let the harmonics of Healing Sound weave its magic through you and allow your Spirit to be set free in a renewal of Peace.

Mandara Cromwell

Mandara Cromwell, Chairman of the Board of Directors for ISTA and CEO, President of Cymatic Technologies, Inc. Experiencing love of Gregorian Chant as a child, Mandara continued on her sound journey after college, traveling to India to study Sanskrit chant, Bija mantras, and meditation. The next step of unfoldment came years later with the meeting of Peter Guy Manners in 2001.Manners, worked in collaboration with a group of scientists and medical doctors, for decades, formulating biosignatures and healing frequencies for each part of the body.

Presentation: Healing with Sound: An Overview of the History of Sound Therapy.

In this presentation Mandara gives the audience an overview of the history of sound therapy. From ancient traditions of the Egyptians and Greeks to today”s technology, see, hear and feel the power of sound! ISTA CymaTechnologies.

Danielle Hall

Danielle Hall is a Transformational Sound Therapist, Personal Development Coach, Business & Branding Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

Growing up, Danielle lived thinking that her on again/ off again health issues were normal. It wasn’t until she was an adult, and her symptoms had escalated to a point of not being her “normal sick” and the potential of her life being in danger that she sought out the help from alternative doctors and healers.

Inspired by the healers who helped her feel what healthy actually felt like for the first time in her life, Danielle decided to transition out of her 10 year career in sales and marketing her photography business and spear headed forward into a new career in helping people reach transformations in their own health, well-being, and in their businesses.
Danielle’s goal is to help you live the active, healthy lifestyle you LOVE waking up to everyday! Spreading the word that you too, have a choice in your health and wellbeing and that all you have to do is have the courage to say YES to yourself. Website:  email:

Presentation: Sales as a Spiritual Practice

Sales and Spiritual in the same sentence? WHAT?! I bet you never thought you would ever hear those words in the same sentence. People are in dire need of your services. PERIOD. It’s time to make peace with marketing and claim your birthright for abundance. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, this presentation will open you up to a whole new way of thinking about sales and marketing your services that is authentic, natural, and inspirational.

Post Conference Sunday, October 12
Translating The Heart of The Healer to a Make Greater Impact
Becoming a prosperous practitioner, therapist, or coach means that you must get clear on who your Ideal Clients are and what your Marketing Message is to really make an impact on others lives and in your bank account. In this lecture, I help you gain the clarity you need to really get to know, where to find, and how to market to your ideal client.

Gigi Altmeyer

Gigi Altmeyer, MS Ed, HTCP, CCAis an Integrative Health Care Practitioner and Educational Therapist, providing Healing Touch Energy Therapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy and educational diagnostics and remediation in school, hospital and clinical settings as well as in private practice. She is the co -creator of Healthy Babies and Children, an informational DVD sharing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for children. As a consultant bridging conventional and holistic medical practices, Gigi facilitates collaborative wellness care communities.
Contact information:

 Presentation: Two Are Better Than One:  Synergistic effects of vibrational healing modalities in Integrative Care.

Synopsis:There is increasing public interest in complementary therapies as an adjunct or alternative to conventional medical treatment as well as for general health and well-being. Join me in exploring the use and efficacy of aromatherapy and sound therapy within a holistic practice.

Learning Objective and Outcome:

  • The participant will:
  • Define essential oils, their quality, uses and safety.
  • Explore the science of frequencies of essential oils and sound therapies within a holistic practice.


Lynn Waldrop

Lynn teaches and facilitates several holistic modalities to empower the client to create and generate change in their own life & body. This change can be physical ailments, mental, emotional or all of the above. Our bodies are acoustical, therefore, anything with a wave or frequency can initiate a healing response in the body and that is why Lynn’s focus is on vibrational therapies using Sound, Color, Light & Consciousness.  Founder of the “BEAM Technique”, Certified Cyma Therapy Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Color Therapist, Reiki Master, BioMat Therapist, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, and ex-Radio Show Host of “Good Vibrations” and “Being Outside the Box”.   Lynn uses tuning forks and color light to literally re-tune the body – like hitting ctrl-alt-del on the computer and re-booting the body back to harmony. As a CymaTherapist she uses the AMI750 (Acoustic Meridian Intelligence) & AMI 1000 to deliver sound and vibration to clients. Lynn uses the BioMat from Richway which delivers a far-infrared treatment to the whole body and provides the negative ions needed for restoring the proper pH balance. Lynn also uses Access Consciousness to bring clients into greater awareness of the subconscious thought patterns they have been using that create discord in their lives. And as a Medical Intuitive through the use of the BEAM Technique, Lynn dives into each system of the client’s body and listens.  The body will tell her problems it desires to have fixed and Lynn pulls that frequency through her body into the client’s body, thus catalyzing a change!.   Lynn is an Accredited CE Provider for the NCBTMB, (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork), and most of her classes give Massage Therapists CE credits in the US.   She is a member of the following organizations: ISTA, International Sound Therapy Association; ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals; Holistic Chamber of Commerce; and owner of the for all of your Vibrational Therapy needs!!! If you are interested in a personal session with Lynn either in person or remotely, contact her at

Presentation: Calming the Nervous System with Tuning Forks

What if the nervous system was KING? What if you tuned the nervous system like the strings of a violin and the rest of the body functions re-booted and began to move into harmony as well? What if you could start this change with a simple tuning fork? We are going to look at the nervous system in such a different way, a way to tune it so that if you have back and neck problems, a shoulder higher than the other, twisted hips, migraines, TMJ, and even mental fogginess that it all goes away in less than 10 minutes. How does it get any better than that? We will look at a set of tuning forks that open up the cerebral spinal pump and resets the head perpendicular to the body relieving it of many stressors. The procedure is easy and painless and any one can learn to do it. Make Tuning Forks a part of your 21st Century First Aid Kit!

Kate Holland

Kate Holland was born in the mountains of West Virginia. She started dancing at age 5 and has enjoyed a career as teacher, performer and choreographer for more than 35 years. In 1973 she met her first yoga teacher, Yogi Amrit Desai. She follows the teachings of Divine Mother Karunamayi and works diligently to bring the Light of yoga to everyone. She currently teaches dance and yoga at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, GA.

Her love of the healing arts drew her to a career as a Cymatherapist. In her charitable works, Kate creates and organizes programs for veterans combining yoga and sound therapy. She provides yoga and vibrational healing to clients at her office in down-town Decatur, GA.

Weight Loss to the 3rd Power!

  • Take your weight-loss program to a new level of success!
  • Combine massage techniques with sound technology and essential oils for the most powerful weight loss approach.
  • Learn how this powerful  “technique to the 3rd power” can improve your body’s resilience, aiding muscle nutrition, muscle tone and flexibility; meanwhile supporting your mental and emotional well being in achieving your desired weight.

 At the end of this presentation you will be able to locate and stimulate specific acupoints with sound and essential oils to assist:

 Balancing of the sympathetic/parasympathetic

  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Increasing circulation and oxygen and moving nutrients to muscles
  • Breaking down scar tissue and other adhesions caused by previous injuries and surgeries
  • Relaxing  your nervous system

While feeling energetic enough to exercise and making better food choices!


Anandini Das black background

Anandini DasI

Anandini Dasi  is the founder of the Self Discovery Center in Atlanta. and the Centre de Couverte de Soi  in Belgium:

Anandini organizes numerous workshops which support people in discovering themselves through yoga, Ayurveda, cosmology, astrology, Tibetan Bowls and many other topics related to self-discovery.

Anandini is a registered 500 hour Atma yoga teacher.

She has been chanting mantras, (Sanskrit sound vibrations), for the last 25 years and blends these two disciplines in the classes she teaches throughout the world. In addition she has produced a Healing Sounds cd with these mantras.

A Reiki master since 1995, Anandini combines her Reiki sessions with Cymatherapy to assist her clients in establishing a natural harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Anandini will cook sacred vegetarian food for the conference called prasadam–prepared with prayers, blessings and mantras, In addition, Anandini will provide the Invocation with Sanskrit vibrations to create a powerful atmosphere for learning and experiencing open heart love throughout the conference.  She will lead attendees in “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”, which means :

“I offer my respect to the Source of Pure Love “