Celebrate the visual, performing and healing arts with

ISTA at the Cymatics Conference

The International Sound Therapy Association

is proud to present The 10th Annual

“Cymatics–The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing” Conference

Nov 6-8, 2015 in Atlanta, GA


Welcome to the largest gathering of sound healing professionals on the planet, including an amazing list of speakers such as the multiple Grammy award-winning Howard LevyRadio Hosthealth advocate and cancer researcher Ty Bolinger, Grammy-nominated recording artist Steven Halpernacoustic physics researcher and inventor John Stuart Reid.  From the cosmos to the cellular level–see “sound made visible!” Join us for these and many more outstanding researchers, innovators and health professionals bringing the world of sound to you!

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration will begin on Thursday evening, November 5th, with a VIP Fundraising Party on the rooftop garden of the Renaissance Midtown.  Guests will be entertained by a cello guitar fusion duo,  Montana Skies– with the full spectrum of an orchestra and the energy of a rock band. Attendees will enjoy Southern Sweet Desserts, Coffee and Champagne.  The following two days of speakers, exhibitors and networking will take place at the Historic Academy of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Post-Conference classes and training, open to the public will be held at the Renaissance Hotel on Sunday.

Join us in a transformative three day experience dedicated to wellness and the power of sound!

Don’t miss this chance to get a thorough introduction to one of the hottest current trends in health and wellness, and be entertained in the process!

For tickets and  more information: www.CymaticsConference.com

Complete List of Presenters

presenters in black box

  • Mandara Cromwell, USA—Founder & Board Chair, International Sound Therapy Association, President/CEO Cyma Technologies, Edison Award Nominee


  • Ty Bollinger, USA—Author, Radio Show Host, Producer of Documentary films on Alternatives for Cancer Treatment
  • Howard Levy, USA—Grammy winning musician and composer heard on PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and recording artist with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
  • Steven Halpern, USA—Grammy-nominated musician and composer
  • John Stuart Reid, UK—Acoustic physics researcher and inventor of Cymascope—the instrument to make sound visible
  • Jeff Volk, USA—Publisher of Cymatics Books and DVD’s
  • Gabriel Kelemen, Ph.D., Romania—Cymatics artist and researcher, lecturer and head of the Art History and Theory department of the Faculty of Arts and Design
  • Jodina Meehan, USA—Cymatics artist, founder and publisher of the Journal of Cymatica
  • Kate Holland, USA—Choreographer and performing artist, Yoga teacher, Director of Sound Education for Cyma Technologies and Cymatherapy Practitioner
  • Sarajane Williams, USA— A., licensed psychologist, RN, professional harpist, harp teacher, composer and author
  • Sue Raimond, USA— Harpist, ranks among the world experts in the field of cyto-cymatics and vibroacoustics , co-published withthe U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAM-RIID)
  • Peggy Hays, USA—Medical Massage Therapist, Sound Educator for Cyma Technologies
  • Joseph Reilly, USA—Board Certified Music Therapist, Clinical Director, Tune-Up Network Enterprises
  • Mary Milroy, USA—C.Ac. CCP, BSIE, Certified Esogetic Colorpuncturist, Founder, Healing Hands Light Therapy Institute
  • Don Simmons, USA—President, International Sound Therapy Association, ISTA Curriculum and Outreach Program Development, Business Consultant, Producer of Documentary films for Discovery Channel

Register today at www.cymaticsconference.com