Steven Halpern

Steven-Blue.Shirt_crop-printSteven Halpern is a GRAMMY® nominated, award-winning composer, recording artist and producer whose healing music  helps millions worldwide to experience the blessings and benefits of deep relaxation, inner peace and  mindful awareness of the present moment. He is widely acknowledged as the pioneering sound healer and elder statesmen of the  modern field he helped create.

His recordings are used by healers and therapists worldwide to support and amplify their own practice.

In 1977, Steven met Dr. Peter Guy Manners when they both spoke at the first Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit in London. He immediately recognized the importance and potential of this form of audio frequency-based technology. He  introduced Cymatics to the American  holistic health and medicine fields through his lectures, workshops and books, as well as to other sound healers and musicians.

Steven’s music  supports the body’s innate intelligence for self-healing, and evoke the ‘relaxation response’.   Combining ancient sound healing traditions with inspired artistry and brainwave entrainment technology,  his recordings continue to set the standard of excellence in the field.

Halpern’s most representative and best-selling recordings include CHAKRA SUITE,  DEEP ALPHA, MUSIC for SOUND HEALING and MINDFUL PIANO.

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The OM Tone

Discover how to optimize your choices to amplify the benefits of working with sound technology. Grammy nominated recording artist, researcher and author Steven Halpern will share his landmark discoveries and insights on the power of tone to support sound healing, meditation and spiritual practice,