Peggy Hays

peggyPeggy Hays, of Hays Holistic Health, is an intuitive counselor who offers Columbus, OH the benefits of perceptions of energy of your body to diagnose conditions that others are unable to see. Through the use of proven alternative treatment methods, I am able to provide you the relief when other methods have been unsuccessful.

Holistic health is the overall health of the mind, body and spirit. Holistic health practitioners have long been devoted to providing individuals with the balance of these areas to achieve optimal health. When one area of the overall person is in distress, the others are affected, as well. This is why an imbalance in one area of your life can have such a negative impact on the others.

The factor that sets Hays Holistic Health apart from other holistic healers is the focus on non-invasive therapies that focus on healing the body by bringing it back into balance. Sound therapy, light therapy, vibration, healing touch, and spiritual counseling are some of the effective therapies I use to address the various issues that patients may be experiencing. Schedule your appointment today!



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