Sarajane Williams

Sarajane Williams, M.A., licensed psychologist, is a professional harpist, harp teacher, composer, author of The Mythic Harp and Good Vibrations: Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy and editor of The Harp Therapy Journal. She has over 30 years of experience in various roles in the healing arts including: nurse, cardiopulmonary technologist, director of a cardiac catheterization laboratory and biofeedback therapist in a chronic pain center.

Williams was the first person to document the use of an acoustic instrument in conjunction with vibroacoustic therapy (VAT), thereby pioneering a new approach called vibroacoustic harp therapy (VAHT).

Since 1991, she has been using her harp in her psychology practice, now located in Macungie, Pa., to provide vibroacoustic harp therapy for clients who suffer from a variety of conditions including chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Her seminal article “Harp Therapy: A Psychoacoustic Approach to Treating Pain and Stress,” appeared in the winter 1993 issue of The American Harp Journal(vol.14, no. 2).

In November 1995, Ms. Williams organized and hosted The First International Healing Harps Symposium in Allentown, Pa. This was the first successful formal gathering to link harpists and practitioners from various disciplines to investigate the healing attributes of the harp and its music.

In 1996, publication of The Harp Therapy Journal began and it became the international networking vehicle and investigational journal for all those interested in the therapeutic value of harp music. Williams also offers a VAHT training course.


Friday Night

“In Brigit’s Garden”  Live harp performance by Sarajane Williams

Saturday Night

The Healing Harp

The ancient art and modern science of therapeutic harp music is currently influencing, enhancing, and transforming conventional and complimentary health care and is being used in medical treatments and scientific research. This presentation will explore the fascinating history of the “healing harp,” the science and the development of modern-day harp therapy practices, with a focus on vibroacoustic harp therapy.