The International Sound Therapy Association

Our Vision:

To produce a high profile event with lecture and concerts and bring together Cymatic visual, performing and healing arts. Our organization specifically selected the Academy of Medicine in Atlanta, (due to its historical significance in housing the first medical society), as a place to introduce and provide the healthcare of the future. We will be offering vibrational healing from ancient traditions, to the latest in therapeutic sound technology; as well as providing education and training for the healthcare careers of the future.

Our Goals:

Funds will be used to expand create educational opportunities for our constituents and their communities. In addition, our goal is to continue to provide free sound healing clinics for those experiencing catastrophic illness and other health challenges. We will fund research showing the efficacy of sound therapies and providing continuing education for healthcare practitioners.

The leaders of our organization will provide information to local, regional and national media in order to gain coverage for this highly positive event. We will endeavor to develop sound healing across the United States and throughout the world.

Who We Serve:

Our constituents are men and women of all nationalities between the ages of 25-65, interested in the future of holistic medicine and integrative healthcare. We appeal to those in the visual, performing and healing arts; and also provide education for careers in therapeutic sound –from ancient traditions to today’s technology.