Schedule of Events*

*Schedule Subject to Change

Thursday, November 5, 2015 8pm-10pm
Location: Renaissance Midtown Rooftop Garden

 VIP Party  $150.00 For 2 people. (1 Person is $95.00)

  • Meet and Greet with Conference Presenters and Sponsors
  • Southern Sweet Desserts, Coffee and Champagne VIP Party
  • Featuring “Montana Skies,” a duet with cello and guitar/percussion with poetry of Michael Burke


Exhibit Hall 10am-8pm  $10

Conference Opening Day Events at the Historic Academy of Medicine
Module 1 – $35.00, 4 CEUs

Friday, November 6, 2015
Historic Academy of Medicine
875 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA

9am Doors open at the Historic Academy of Medicine

10am-12pm Stress Free Living Clinic-Free Admission*

*Participants will receive free sessions with the AMI750 device—nominated for an Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine.

 10am-12pm  Experience ancient healing techniques with Tibetan bowl practitioners.

 10am-9pm Visit our 30 exhibitors on both levels of the Historic Academy of Medicine; along with our ISTA bookstore, featuring the products and services provided by our presenters.

10am-9pm Visit our Silent Auction –Online auction ends at 7pm, Saturday, November 7.

12pm-1pm Enjoy lunch at the many nearby restaurants.  We encourage you to visit our featured sponsor restaurant, Marlowe’s, for a specially designed healthy conference menu.

1pm-2:30pm  Featured Guest Speaker, Ty Bollinger, will share his valuable knowledge and experience on alternative and complementary care for cancer patients.

2:30pm-3pm Visit Exhibits

3pm-4pm  Research proving the efficacy of relieving  stress and pain associated with catastrophic illness by using Tibetan bowls, presented by graduates of ISTA’s Tibetan Bowl Certification course.

4pm-5pm Group “Sound Healing Meditation” lead by President, Don Simmons and ISTA’s “GB2” Angels—a sound healing orchestra using Tibetan instruments including gongs, bells and bowls.

5pm-7pm Dinner break

Friday Evening Event at the Academy of Medicine
Module 2, $45.00, 3 CEUs

Friday, November 6, 7pm-9:30pm 
An Evening of Celebration with Cymatics Visual, Performing and Healing Artists including:

  • Welcome by Mandara Cromwell, ISTA Founder and Board Chair
  • Invocation by Atlanta choreographer and performer, Kate Holland, who will blend classical dance and yoga with the sacred OM music of Steven Halpern
  • Steven Halpern—the Cymatics and Sacred Composition of OM
  • Jodina Meehan—video presentation by artist, founder and publisher of the Journal of Cymatica
  • Sara Jane Williams—Live harp performance
  • John Stuart Reid—video presentation by acoustic physics researcher and inventor of Cymascope
  • Evening Raga performed by Vedasara, Vedic Scholar and classically trained musician
  • Cymatics publisher, producer and poet, Jeff Volk introduces Romanian professor and visual artist, Gabriel Kelemen and Howard Levy, Grammy award-winning musician and composer


Conference Events continue at the Academy of Medicine
Module 3, $95.00, 8 CEUs

Saturday, November 7

8:30am-12:30pm Morning Session


12:30pm-2pm Lunch

2pm-5:30pm Afternoon events


Saturday Evening Event at the Academy of Medicine
Module 4, $45.00, 3 CEUs

7pm-9:30pm The Melody of Rhythm

  • Grammy award composer and musician, Howard Levy on the musical and mathematical ratios of rhythms and melodies in a Cymatic world. Jeff Volk bridges the Cymatics of Howard and Gabriel Kelemen, Phd.

Sunday, November 8, Post Conference Sessions
Alliance Room at Renaissance Hotel, Free – 3 CEUs

8:30am-12pm Health and Wealth—Cymatherapy® Practitioners Share Success
FREE SESSION, Open to the Public

FREE SESSION, Open to the Public

  • 8:30am-9:15am Chris Gibbs, UK—Alternative sound approaches from a London hospital
  • 9:30am-10:15am Joseph Reilly and Mary Milroy—Cymatherapy Meets Electrophotonic Imaging
  • 10:15am-10:45am Monique Myrick—AMI for TIA’s and Stroke
  • 10:45am- 12pm Cymatherapy Practitioners Share Success using the AMI750, AMI1000 and Cyma1000 for various patients.


12pm-2pm  Lunch

2pm-6pm  Introduction to Cymatherapy® Practitioner Training Level 1*
Alliance Room at Renaissance Hotel

Open to the Public—No prerequisite required. $150  (*Audit fee $75*) 4 CEU’s

If you own an AMI750 or AMI1000 or are thinking about incorporating Cymatherapy into a healing arts practice, this session is for you! This afternoon seminar is required for anyone embarking on the steps to become a Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner. This session includes:

  • History of Cymatherapy
  • The science of Cymatherapy
  • Five Cymatherapy techniques to incorporate into your new or existing practice
  • Learn the professional and legal aspects of having a Cymatherapy practice
  • Creating a Cymatherapy business plan for a ROI-Return On Investment in 6 months
  • Learn the “Height of Wellness” program, (equipped with the Five Elements Questionnaire) based on traditional Chinese medicine principles and begin your path to wellness.

*To complete Level I certification all participants must submit a college level Anatomy Physiology course transcript reflecting a passing grade, complete three case studies and provide proof of liability insurance.

 7:30pm Sunday Evening Field Trip to JeJu Wellness Spanot included in Conference pass.  Experience the vibrations of 9 different saunas with amethyst, jade, salt, charcoal, gold and silver, clay and more. $15 transportation (or drive your own car)
Wellness Spa entry fee $25 ( includes access to all spa areas, pools, gemstone saunas;  spa therapies such as acupressure massage or reflexology are extra)

Monday, November 9, Post Conference Session
Field trip to Swami Narayana Temple  9:30am- 11:30am $15

There are only a few temples built on the ancient principles of Vastu in the USA—and this is absolutely one of the best specimens of this ancient art and architecture.  The oldest spiritual texts in existence—the Vedas, contain the instructions on how to create sacred spaces, to harness sound and vibration for physical and spiritual health.