Stephanie Rooker

stephanie rookerStephanie Rooker is a vocalist, composer, music educator, sound healing facilitator, and founder of Voice Journey Sound Center in Brooklyn, NY. Performing since childhood, Stephanie has a background in Western Classical technique as well as Jazz, Blues, and Gospel vocal styles. Since 2007, she has distinguished herself as a force of soul on the NY scene, releasing two albums of original music – Tellin You Right Now (2008) andThe Only Way Out is In (2010).

Employing her B.A. in Ethnomusicology from Oberlin College, Stephanie wields a distinctive grasp of cross-cultural archetypes, incisive listening, and mindful facilitation to demonstrate the vast possibilities of healing with the voice. In 2011, she was certified as an Integrative Sound & Music Practitioner by the NY Open Center’s Sound & Music Institute, under the direction of Don Campbell. She then served as assistant coordinator for that program for the next four years, under the direction of Wendy Young. In 2014, Stephanie completed a 200-hour certification in Yoga of the Voice, developed by Silvia Nakkach / Vox Mundi Project. And in 2016, she completed Rhiannon’s 9-month mastery-level vocal improvisation program, All the Way In.Stephanie’s latest recording project, Make the Way by Walking – Voice Journeys with Stephanie Rooker (Oct 2015), is a double-album of improvised music based on her Voice Journey® teachings, in collaboration with a host of master sound healing musicians.

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The FULL Sound Experience –Join us in this interactive, 90-minute journey of the most fun and wendy-and-steph-2016-v4profound experiences using the Voice, Quartz Crystal and HimalayanSinging bowls, Tuning Forks and more.   Conference attendees will be captivated by the expertise and presentation skills of our SPECIAL GUESTS, Wendy Young, Professor of Music from Princeton University and NYC vocalist composer and sound educator, Stephanie Rooker.  Wendy and Stephanie will guide us through a fun and energizing session as they introduce you to the fundamental principles of how sound works to enhance our physical, emotional and mental health. Take home “easy to incorporate” exercises that will change your life!

After this evening of fun and enlightenment you may want to learn more and become a Certified ISTA Practitioner! Wendy and Stephanie will share info on ISTA’s new Sound Practitioner Certification training beginning in 2017!