Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

robert gilbertRobert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is a former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in Nuclear­Biological-Chemical Defense, with over 30 years of research into both mainstream and holistic health methods. He holds a Ph.D. in International Studies, and contributed to the first academic textbook on Transformational Politics.  Dr. Gilbert has extensively studied French methods of Vibrational Radiesthesia from the early 1900’s, sponsoring the translation of many rare texts into English for the first time. Dr. Gilbert was also the first

non­Egyptian to be granted Instructor status in the Egyptian system of BioGeometry®, founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo.

Dr. Gilbert is currently the Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies in Asheville, North Carolina. He teaches both live and online courses, the latest of which is the Online series entitled Vibrational Testing and Healing. His website is WWW.VESICA.ORG


Saturday Morning, Nov 5, 2016

Vibrational Healing Research with Sound: Subtle Energy Effects on Living Beings and Materials
with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

Today the field known popularly as “Vibrational Medicine” unites traditional methods of healing (such as robert-2016-v5Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine) with new energy­based systems of therapy. In this presentation Dr. Gilbert will explain how we can expand our current scientific paradigm ­­ which is based on the Spectrums of Electro­Magnetic Energy and Physical Matter ­­ into more subtle realms through the complete Spectrum of Vibrational Energy.

Using methods of vibrational testing pioneered by French Radiesthesia in the early 1900’s, Dr. Gilbert will then share his current research into the remarkable subtle energy effects of sounds, in particular the Cymatherapy vibrations, on living beings and on a variety of materials (water, minerals, crystals, herbs, essential oils, etc.) This includes the capacity of specific Cymatherapy vibrations to clear detrimental energetic imprints from physical matter.

Specific materials which have the capacity to hold Cymatherapy vibrations will be discussed, including key considerations regarding how the intrinsic vibrational qualities of a material combine with the vibrational characteristics of sound vibrations from Cymatherapy.