Who is in the audience at conference?
What is the conference about?
How can I become involved as a client in a case study?
How can I become a researcher?
Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
How do I get a refund for the conference?


Who is in the audience at conference?

Healthcare professionals sit alongside the general public to learn about the latest developments in non-invasive sound therapies—and see proof of efficacy! This is the kind of conference where everyone learns together.

Though various sound therapies have been in existence since ancient times, we now have technology that proves the healing power of specific sounds and vibrations.

Every year, professional and lay attendees report what an informative and fun experience the conference provides for healing sounds.

What is the conference about?

Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy…if we match the frequency of the reality we want we cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

The science of sound and vibrational therapies is presented in ways EVERYONE can understand! At the conference you will see and hear research presented in lay terms compiled by sound therapists. Your therapist could be presenting!

Today’s patient population is struggling with stress, inflammation and pain—both physical and emotional. Much of the successful research you will see has been reported from those who have exhausted western medicine (drug and surgery) and have been tossed to challenged to explore their own resources.

Sound has the ability to bypass the logical mind, and therapeutic sound has the ability to promote deep relaxation. Combining the therapeutic frequencies and vibrations of sound and vibration, it is possible to achieve deeper states of relaxation. In a deep state of relaxation the body begins its rejuvenation and repair process. It is ISTA goal to discover sound modalities that assist the body in achieving these deep states of relaxation.

Much of what is presented at the Cymatics Conference includes tips you can weave into your daily life. Learn to use the power of sound to achieve your optimum states of health!

How can I become involved as a client in a case study?

Sound and vibrational therapists are located throughout the world. Contact us to find out if there is a practitioner near you conducting a study. Many research projects require no fees and only a commitment of time.

How can I become a researcher?

We welcome anyone who would like to participate in a research project. Please email us for guidelines. Conducting a case study or a small group pilot study requires more data collection than seeing a client/patient as a therapist. You may be a presenter at our next conference!

Can I Transfer my registration?

Your registration may be transferred to another attendee.  Please notify us as soon as possible with the name of the person receiving the transfer.

Transferring registrant should bring a copy of your payment to the registration desk at the conference.


How do I get a Refund for the conference?

Though there are no refunds for the conference, you may consider the price of your ticket as a donation to ISTA.  

ISTA–The International Sound Therapy Association is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.