International Sound Therapy Association Welcomes

howardpianoHoward Levy, USA—Grammy winning musician and composer heard on PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and recording artist with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones



at the

cc-header2“Cymatics–The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing” Conference

Nov 6-8, 2015 in Atlanta, GA

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ISTA’S 10th Anniversary Cymatics Conference Brings the Field’s Leaders to Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – The International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA) celebrates its 10th Anniversary at the annual ISTA Cymatics Conference, November 5th-8th. The conference showcases the leading voices in sound used in the healing arts, performance, visual presentations and in future technology, including PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION regular Howard Levy (a multiple Grammy winner), author and cancer research expert Ty Bollinger, Grammy-nominated composer and recording artist Steven Halpern, and many others.

Howard Levy, best known as “that amazing harmonica player” with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, will offer a brief synopsis of The Melody of Rhythm. His presentation is an eloquent description of how the world’s most widespread musical scales and rhythmic patterns are identical in nature. He will join with Romanian professor Gabriel Kelemen and publisher, producer and poet Jeff Volk to provide incredible insights into the world of sound, music and visual imaging. A two-part presentation, the first segment will be Friday, November 6 at 7pm. Part two will be presented on Saturday, November 7 at 7pm. Levy has also recorded with Kenny Loggins , Dolly Parton, Styx, Bobbie McFerrin and Paul Simon. His contribution to the Cymatics Conference follows recent performances on Prairie Home Companion and an extensive touring schedule.

“The conference is a balance of educational events and professional dialogue for us as a niche in health care,” says Cromwell. “Some of the events, though, are both enlightening and entertaining featuring world class music. For the public it’s a chance to get a thorough introduction to one of the hottest current trends in health and wellness, and be entertained in the process.” She says the evening events on Friday and Saturday are the best bets for music fans. The day sessions cover a wide range of subjects including continuing education sessions for massage therapists and Cyma therapists.

The lectures and performances will be held at the Historic Academy of Medicine (AOM) in midtown Atlanta, while the educational aspects will be provided at the nearby Renaissance Midtown Hotel, on November 8th. The event kicks off with a VIP Party featuring speakers and presenters on November 5th, with live music provided by Montana Skies at the Renaissance’s Rooftop Garden. The special exhibit area at the AOM gives the public a chance to see sound therapy in action. ISTA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising public awareness as to the effects of sound in the environment and also enlightens and educates the general public on the aspects of therapeutic sound modalities.

For a complete listing of presenters, classes and events, as well as ticket information, go to The event is sponsored by The International Sound Therapy Association and Cyma Technologies.

Program Highlights/Presenters:

Howard Levy—Multiple Grammy Award Winner heard regularly on PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION (

Ty Bollinger—Health Freedom Advocate, author and researcher shares Cancer Alternative Healthcare (, ,

Steven Halpern—Grammy nominated composer, recording artist and producer of Innerpeace Music ( ,

John Stuart Reid—Acoustic physics researcher, inventor of the Cymascope, an instrument that makes sound visible (

Gabriel Kelemen—Professor of Art History & Design at West University, Timisoara, Romania

(, (,


Jodina Meehan—Visual Cymatics artist with featured works in National Geographic and Cirque Du Soleil ( ,

Kate Holland—Atlanta choreographer, yoga teacher and sound therapist, premiering “Dreaming Paradise” who has groundbreaking work with war veterans and Alzheimer’s patients.

Sue Raimond—Harpist, author, filmmaker provides music to soothe our four-legged and winged friends (

Sarajane Williams—Harpist and nurse (she runs a cardiac catheterization clinic in New Jersey) will both perform live (Friday night) and lecture on Vibraacoutic Harp Therapy on Saturday’s program (

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