Phillip Christman, MA

phillip christmanPhillip Christman, MA –Organizational Development Specialist, Expert in executive assessment and group dynamics and team building, Board of Trustees of Yo San University of Chinese Medicine.






Understanding yourself through the Vibrations of the Five Elements with Phillip Christman

Are you Earth, Water, Fire, Wood or Metal?phillip-2016-v4

The 8,000 year old Chinese I Ching, describes that by knowing your Five Element Personality Type, you can:

  • Strengthen your physical health
  • Improve your relationships
  • Restore peace within your mind
  • Increase your financial health
  • Experience passion and meaning in your chosen work


In this 90 minute session, Phillip Christman breaks down the complexities of the Five Elements approach to health into simple basics for everyone to understand. Each participant will have the opportunity to “Take the Quiz” to discover your Five Element Personality.