Sophia Stephanie Argyris, M.D.

Sophia headshotSophia Stephanie Argyris, M.D. is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation UCLA  Certified Medical Acupuncture  (C. Ac.)

Sophia Stephanie Argyris, M.D. has an extensive background in traditional Medicine, as a Physiatrist, as well as in Complementary & Alternative Medicine healing modalities. Dr. Argyris graduated from Douglass College of Rutgers University with a B.A. in Chemistry. Her medical degree is from UMDNJ – Rutgers/ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 1983, Piscataway, N.J. Her residency was completed at Robert Wood Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, 1986, in Edison, N.J. She conducted research on Post Trauma Vision Syndrome seen in patients following Traumatic Brain Injury.

In 1994, she founded and ran Sail-Habilitation, a NPO sailing program for those with physical disabilities and special needs, for 17 years .

Dr. Argyris had a private practice in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for over 25 years in Ocean County, N.J. She is a practicing Usui Reiki Master, a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Energy Healer. She is UCLA Certified in Medical Acupuncture. She has training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapy and Transformational Healing with Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.  She completed the Sound and Music Certification program in NYC in 2014.  Dr. Argyris has studied with different indigenous shamans throughout the United States, Hawaii, Mexico & Canada; she has worked extensively at Delphi and throughout Greece. She travels around the world performing healing ceremonies at different Sacred Sites, healing  Mother Earth and balancing the Earth’s Grids.   Her new passion is researching and working with the Archaeo Acoustic properties at these high energy places.

For the past decade, she has been practicing as a Facilitator of Spiritual Consciousness Awakening.  She teaches many different courses on Consciousness Awakening and Shamanism;  she leads Drumming Circles, Crystal Bowl healings and  Meditations.   She is an adjunct Faculty professor at Georgian Court University, Lakewood, N.J. in their Holistic Health Master’s Program teaching varied courses but specializing in Energy Medicine, Native American Medicine, Reiki / Laying on of Hands Healing and Vibration, Sound and Music Healing.   She leads group tours to  Sacred Sites around the globe so the participants  may experience the magic and acoustic wonders of these sites.  These energies  enable one to consciously experience  changes that arise  within their Body, Mind and Spirit and create opportunities for personal growth and Transformation moving towards Ascension.


ArchaeoAcoustics  is the new and exciting multidisciplinary research approach that studies  the acoustic sophia-2016-v4properties in archaeological sites.  This new audio acoustic perspective analyzes archaeological sites for their unusual sound characteristics.  This presentation will not look at the acoustic properties of medieval cathedrals but will rather focus on natural acoustic phenomena of caves and rock walls and the special, unusual sound occurrences in different Neolithic and other less ancient sites.

What is it that acoustically makes Sacred Sites or Power Places so special?   View pictures of many of my favorite sites from around the world accompanied by discussion of their ArchaeoAcoustic qualities. We will look at the sound qualities of these sites:  Echo, Reverberation, Resonance, Entrainment, and 110 Hz.

Do these unique acoustic properties impact our Mind, Body and Spirit?  Intriguing pilot studies show findings that suggest that the acoustic properties of ancient structures may influence human brain function.    It is now possible to record infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies at these sites in addition to the audible sounds.  Might these frequencies create what we think of as healing spaces/energies?

Ongoing research will focus on investigating the role acoustic behavior may have had in the development and design of important architecture of ritual spaces throughout the ancient world’s sacred sites.   Taking a  multidisciplinary look at early sonic/aural awareness and lithic sound behavior, will move us towards a better understanding of human and music development.